Concrete Floors are better in Texas

Color Flake Concrete Floor in Austin TX

Whether we’re talking about customers in Austin, Lakeway, Bee Cave, Georgetown, or any of the surrounding areas, just about everyone in Texas has a floor they care a lot about, meaning you have a potential lead right off the bat, because just about all of them have the same concern: keeping them maintained. While concrete may seem indestructible, you and I both know that’s not the case. That’s why at Sundek of Austin, we’ve invested so much time and money in better understanding the problem and creating the following solutions you can use to attract more customers to your business.

SunEpoxy 54
Our SunEpoxy 54 can be used in a wide range applications. From warehouses to light manufacturing areas to residential garages throughout Austin, this is an excellent product for creating epoxy floors that keep concrete safe from the wear and tear they face. SunEpoxy 54 can stand up to assault from UV rays, harsh chemicals, and all kinds of vehicles.

SunEpoxy 100
SunEpoxy100 is great for hallways, offices, laboratories, and other locations where looks matter, but durability is still a necessity. A lot of your customers may be timid about the idea of epoxy floors protecting these important areas if it means their own customers will be turned off by a poor appearance. Fortunately, our low viscosity epoxy resin makes all types of aggregate fillers and chips possible, so you can provide them with a protective coating they’ll be proud to show off. When you’re done with the job, you’ll leave behind a seamless, monolithic barrier that makes their floor look amazing.

SunOne – Polyaspartic
When your customers want a seamless application that will be applied and ready for action quickly, having SunOne Polyaspartic should make for an easy sale. This is the one to go with when your customer needs an immediate solution and the elements aren’t going to be friendly about it. Whether it’s garages, patios, pool decks, or even interior jobs like commercial kitchens, this solution will leave your customers smiling.

SunMetal FX
Like we mentioned before, some potential leads may shrug off the idea of epoxy floors because they want the very best in terms of appearance. The good news is that Sundek of Austin carries SunMetal FX. You mix it with one of the epoxy floors above and the finished product will rival many of the more “high-end”, expensive and fragile options your customers may otherwise consider. This is another one that’s perfect for retail stores, offices, and showrooms. When it dries, this product will resemble the surface of the moon, meaning their customers will have plenty to enjoy when they visit. The 3D look is accomplished thanks to metallics that give your customers a custom look they’ll absolutely love.
While epoxy floors are nothing new in Texas, your customers may not be aware of all the ways they can benefit from it beyond just rugged durability. When you use the above materials from Sundek, leads should be easier to acquire and testimonials will speak to both how surprised customers were and how happy they still are that they went with your company.