Creating the Look of a Mediterranean Villa with Sundek Tuscan


Mediterranean villa driveway – Sundek Tuscan

One of the most popular styles for both homes and businesses is Mediterranean. To create the Tuscany look and feel, rich colors and gorgeous floors are implemented. Because flooring is a focal point in any space, it requires the most attention. The challenge is that natural materials are expensive. An excellent alternative is Sundek Tuscan flooring, a decorative concrete coating that creates European elegance for a fraction of the cost.

Introduction to Sundek Tuscan

If you love old-world charm and European elegance, you cannot go wrong in choosing Sundek Tuscan flooring. This polymer modified cement coating is applied by artisans who possess incredible skill to create beautiful patterns that look exactly like expensive natural materials. In addition, the Sundek Tuscan cement coating can be colored to your preference using any of the 17 standard colors, or you can have the flooring color customized.

Benefits of Sundek Tuscan Flooring

In addition to affordability, Sundek Tuscan flooring offers a wide range of benefits. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Extremely fast drying time
  • Custom Scoreline, Masonry Effects, and Aggregate Effects can be added to further enhance the floor if wanted.
  • Highly resistant to chemicals, oils, and other substances
  • Releases soils easily, so cleaning is a breeze
  • Can be colored with SunGlaze, Sundek Finish coat, or any of the SunStain system products

Exceptional Mediterranean Villa Style

Whether applied in a high-end salon, formal dining establishment, your home kitchen, or on the backyard patio, Sundek Tuscan flooring is like none other. Because the surface is hand-troweled, a one-of-a-kind masterpiece is created. If you want to achieve a stamped overlay look for a walkway, driveway, pool decking, or some other residential or commercial project, this is an exceptional choice.

The texture of the Sundek Tuscan flooring is thinner compared to the more conventional stamped overlay, giving it a unique look. When the artisan is finished, the floor will resemble a deeper stamped concrete overlay that makes you the envy of everyone. While Sundek Tuscan is most often the choice when trying to get an authentic look of stone, this system can also be used to achieve the appearance of brick, wood, and tile.

The Sundek Tuscan effect is handcrafted and perfect for any indoor or outdoor space. This flooring is durable, easy to maintain, vibrant, and warm. The Tuscan texture is also slip-resistant, wears extremely well, and naturally complements the Mediterranean villa style.