Decorative Coatings Provide Unique Concrete Solutions for Austin Business

An office in Austin, TX needed to be updated in order to present a modern and clean esthetic to clients entering the door. This was immensely important since the company was all about appearances and provided top of the line marketing services.

Office Flooring Sundek of Austin

Office Flooring Sundek of Austin

Sadly, their budget didn’t allow for them to be in some of the best offices in the city, or even in some of the “better” spots. The owners found themselves with a space in need of a major boost, and one of the worst features was the industrial carpeting.

They spent a weekend doing the removal themselves and were horrified at what was beneath. Stained and cracked concrete that seemed to be beyond simple repair met their astonished eyes, and so they were not sure what to do next.

Speaking with a contractor, they were told that fixing concrete was not always a big deal, but did they want to use any decorative coatings or stains? This led the owners to do some research into repairing concrete, and they discovered a good all around solution in Sundek of Austin. The firm offers a full range of systems meant for fixing concrete, and for making it look like the proverbial “million bucks”.

However, it was not a DIY product, and so the couple met with specialist installers at Sundek of Austin who knew all about the materials and the options. They informed the owners about SunAcid, one of the decorative options that could provide a distinctive look to the flooring, and which could then be sealed with a durable top coat. This was something the owners had not thought possible, and so their project went beyond just fixing the concrete.

They worked with Sundek of Austin to find the best decorative coatings, systems, and finishes for their project. They decided to create a multiple colored finish with a very modern pattern. They ended up with more than just a utilitarian floor and actually had decorative concrete to greet every client. The entire look was very impressive and it astonished everyone to realize it was the result of a specialized stain product and some high end finishes.

This proves that decorative coatings and concrete systems can provide workable solutions when in the hands of experts. If your Austin area business or home is in need of concrete repair, finishing, or updating be sure to contact professional contractors who can steer you towards the right choices and even introduce you to decorative coatings that can convert your concrete floor into a masterpiece.