Industrial Clients Don’t Have to Settle for Dull

Industrial Floor Coating by Sundek of Austin

General Contractors and Designers often worry about presenting their clients with their flooring ideas because it usually involves a word that many don’t want to hear – concrete. After all, concrete can be an unappealing and uncomfortable surface to choose for flooring, and yet when it is an industrial space in question it is often one of the only affordable options. This is even more the case when it is a matter of concrete repair or updating.

Industrial Floor Coating by Sundek of Austin

Industrial Floor Coating by Sundek of Austin

Fortunately, the day of worrying about the word “concrete” where design is concerned is over. This is because there are now so many options for decorative coatings and concrete toppings that a “plain old” concrete floor is becoming a thing of myth.

Old is New and New is Ensured

If you find yourself frequently discussing industrial flooring and the problems related to concrete (whether it is fixing concrete or the whole esthetic issue related to it), you can stop dreading the subject. Designers and property owners in the entire Austin, TX area can enjoy access to the latest in concrete toppings and systems, and receive long term solutions.

The first thing to know is that most of the sophisticated solutions and coatings are going to work well on an old floor as well as a new one. They will bond to the concrete and create a long lasting solution rather than a temporary or merely cosmetic fix.

You have to understand that concrete coatings and toppings are often a great answer simply because of nature of concrete. It absorbs materials and degrades easily, and installing a longwearing coating or topping over the concrete substrate is going to stop a huge portion of these problems. Of course, there are many decorative coatings too, and these will give a long-lasting appeal to the overall look of the floor.

This means that GC’s, Builders, and Designers in the Austin area can turn to specialists like Sundek of Austin who are familiar with decorative coatings and concrete toppings to create optimal results. You will want to get in touch with Sundek of Austin installers if you are looking for a top of the line solution for industrial concrete repairs and finishes. They can steer you towards the right materials and finishes for your projects, and give them the kind of long-term protection and good looks that will make everyone happy to hear that they need a concrete floor.