New Trends in Decorative Concrete Resurfacing in Austin

Stained Concrete with a polished look
Stained Concrete with a polished look

Stained Concrete with a polished look

Are you tired of the look of your concrete patio, drive, or floor? Over time, concrete can become unattractive and damaged. The good news is that concrete resurfacing can help remedy these problems and restore your concrete to its former beauty. In fact, it is even possible to improve the look of your floor or patio with these new trends in concrete resurfacing in Austin.

Limestone Overlays

One of the most popular trends in Austin for concrete resurfacing is the use of concrete overlays. This can be an ideal solution if the thought of installing another material, such as natural stone, is more appealing but outside your budget. With lime overlays, it is possible to create an almost endless variety of designs that include the natural look and texture of Limestone.  If you had your heart set on a marble or travertine floor but the estimate gave you sticker shock, you can take advantage of concrete resurfacing using a limestone coating and achieve a similar look for a fraction of the cost.

Increased Safety Through Texture

If you have concerns about the safety of your concrete, you might wish to consider incorporating one of the many textural options that will help reduce the risk of slipping. One option is a broom texture that adds traction to the surface of the concrete. In addition, there are many treatments that can be applied directly to the concrete surface to improve safety.

Polished concrete toppings

For areas where you wish to incorporate a more sophisticated feel, polishing concrete can be an excellent option to consider for your resurfacing project. Sometimes referred to as burnished or honed, polished concrete offers a durable, shiny, and lustrous finish that is ideal for residential, retail, and industrial spaces. You can even take advantage of a wide range of color options.  Although concrete polishing is often done by grinding and polishing a slab of concrete a similar look and feel can be achieved with multiple layers of microtopping that are hand troweled and polished to give the allusion of true polished concrete.