Options for Concrete Floors in Austin

Sundek Tuscan Floor Finish


Sundek Tuscan Floor Finish

Sundek Tuscan Floor Finish

Many homes and businesses in Austin feature concrete floors, at least to some degree. There are plenty of reasons for this, as well. However, despite all the advantages that come with having concrete floors, most don’t associate this option with, well, options. To many, you lay concrete, allow it to dry, and that’s the end of it. The truth, though, is that you have a number of ways to get even more from your concrete floors.

Concrete Overlays

One method for sprucing up your concrete floor is with an overlay. As the name suggests, this is simply an application that goes right over the top of your concrete floor. The overlay itself is actually a mixture of concrete and various materials, often polymers. Installation applies the overlay to the floor it will adhere to and that’s about it. For this reason, overlays take practically no time to install.

You can choose all kinds of looks for the overlay, as well. They can take on the appearance of cobblestone, brick, tile or just about anything else, yet cost a fraction of the price and will be far more durable.

Concrete Stamps

Another option for concrete floors in Austin is to stamp them. This process involves pouring concrete and then placing a stamp into it before the material begins to dry. Just like with overlays, you can end up with practically any look you want, without all the overhead or concerns about durability.

The big difference is that overlays generally cost a lot more than stamping because of the extra chemicals required. Whoever installs it may have to address problems with the concrete floor underneath it too.

As you have to pour the concrete before you can stamp your design, this method generally takes a bit longer, too.

Polished Concrete

For a unique appearance you’ll have a hard time believing is concrete, consider the polished version. Although some actual polishing or buffing may be a part of the process, polished concrete has more to do with the chemicals involved. You can use water- or acid-based stains to turn plain concrete into a gorgeous collection of colors with a marble-like sheen to it.

Concrete floors should not be underestimated in terms of all the benefits they can provide home and business owners. When you consider how cheap and long-lasting they are, on top of the above, they become an easy option to go with. If you’re interested in concrete for your home or business, Sundek of Austin can help.