Options for Concrete Repair in Austin

Concrete Patio Overlay


Concrete Patio Overlay

Concrete Patio Overlay

Like most home or business owners in Austin, you probably picked concrete flooring for at least part of your property because you wanted to benefit from its unrivaled durability. However, over time, most people learn the hard way that concrete is susceptible to wear and tear just like any other material. When this happens, don’t be so quick to think your only option is ripping up the concrete and starting all over again. Chances are there is a much more convenient option to choose.

Simple Repairs

Sometimes, your concrete really doesn’t need much to repair it. Simple cracks or even minor areas where whole chunks are missing don’t take much to address. Picking concrete means that you just have to lay more of it down where the damage was done. Just about any contractor in Austin can handle this method.

Concrete Overlays

Other times, the damage may be more extensive. It might even be an issue where the structural integrity of your concrete floor isn’t lacking, but something like UV exposure or chemicals have tarnished its surface and taken away from its looks. The only thing worse than an eyesore, is one that covers your entire floor. You can’t exactly distract your guests or customers from it.

What you can do, though, is use a concrete overlay. This type of concrete repair in Austin is favored for a number of reasons, not the least of which is because of how great it looks once it’s applied. Concrete overlays are a hybrid version of the material that can be as thin as a credit card, yet still cover an entire floor.

Better still, the overlay can take on just about any appearance you want, meaning your once damaged floor can look like cobblestone the next day. Despite this finished result, this is one of the cheapest forms of concrete repair in Austin and is extremely easy and quick to install, meaning you won’t have to give up your floor for long.


Another extremely popular method of concrete repair in Austin is using epoxy. This chemical is very simple to apply, yet when it dries, your concrete floor will be safe from just about anything. Epoxy is impact, fire and water-resistant. Chances are that the damage that has you in need of concrete repair in Austin was caused by one of these factors to begin with. However, once you apply epoxy, you’ll never have to worry about these issues becoming a problem ever again.

That’s not all epoxy can offer. Aside from a number of different styles to choose from, this amazing material is great for high-traffic areas where there’s a likelihood someone could slip and fall. Epoxy is slip-resistant, and light bounces off it extremely well, making it easier for people to see where they’re going.

Whatever your reasons are for needing concrete repair in Austin, these are just two options that will have your floors looking better than ever. Sundek of Austin would be happy to explain them and others in greater detail, should you be interested.