Sundek SunStone Makes It Easy to Renovate Outdoor Patios

Sunstone Patio Finish
Sunstone Patio Finish

Sunstone Patio Finish

To transform the appearance of an outdoor patio, it is important to choose the right product. Although many companies make claims of being the best, Sundek has a proven history of excellence for decorative concrete flooring, epoxy coatings, concrete resurfacing, and other high-performance products and services.

Outdoor patios are relaxing, so you want a warm and inviting space where family and friends can gather. With Sundek SunStone, literally any look desired can be created.

What Is Sundek SunStone?

SunStone is an architectural limestone concrete coating that creates the look of natural stone, including flagstone, brick, travertine, tile, Italian slate, pavers, and more. If quarried stone, granite tile, or brick were used, it would cost a significant amount of money and require a lot of time for the project to be completed. However, by using SunStone, you get the same look as the natural material in a much shorter period of time and while spending less money

For a customized pattern, Sundek SunStone can be stamped. You also have a choice of 18 beautiful colors, such as Pear, Midnight, Ocean, Chocolate, Fern, Copper, Cinnamon, and Purple. A proprietary blend of liquid dyes and specialized water-soluble polymers are used for staining conventional and polymer-modified concrete.

The Application Process

Although Sundek SunStone is installed by a trained professional, even this is affordable. By using this product, old concrete does not need to be torn out and re-poured, which is another cost-saving measure. In addition, Sundek Sunstone can be applied on top of your outdoor patio’s existing surfaces, including drywall, stucco, brick, concrete, pre-cast molding, foam, and more.

To achieve the desired look, professionals with Sundek of Austin create hand-carvings into the limestone coating during the drying phase. Stains and oxides are then added to give the decorative concrete flooring its authentic appearance. Once completed, it is impossible to tell the Sundek SunStone patio from a patio designed with natural materials.