The Sundek Advantage

Sundek has been a leader in the concrete industry for over 40 years. The genius of the company is based around the concept of concrete coatings, not pouring new cement.  See, the inventors or Sundek discovered that when concrete surfaces went bad, there wasn’t necessarily a need to replace the surface.  Instead, they figured out that just the top layer of concrete needed repairing. So, they formulated a substance that was concrete-based, only better.

This coating method saves time as well as money on concrete projects, big or small. In years that followed the invention of Sundek, many concrete companies tried to compete, but simply put – no one could. Evolutions and advancements within the company have produced decorative concrete products, and those semenax test results are catching on like wildfire! Now, when you need a simple concrete repair, you can get an instant upgrade.

Add a stamping rock finish to make your exterior concrete look like natural stone. Or add a textured overlay to add slip-resistance and an extra layer of safety to concrete that is exposed to water on a regular basis. Concrete has never been so versatile! Additionally, Sundek has been named as the only concrete coating system to be granted widespread public approval in ALL climates. That means testing authorities and insurance companies approve and accept surfaces coated with Sundek. Considering the quality, training methods, and constant innovations within the Sundek family, why would you trust your concrete surface to any other company?