Using Sundek Colored Oxides to Create a Custom Look

For decades, Sundek has been an innovator in the world of decorative concrete, including numerous textures, concrete formulas, and colors. One of the most popular products from Sundek of Austin is the colored oxides, which can be used on nearly all Austin decorative concrete projects to make the surface more interesting or visually appealing.

A Type of Integral Color

An important thing to note is that the colored oxides from Sundek are different from the various stains, dyes, and paints the company offers. Instead, these are a type of pigment made from iron oxides. Each pigment has a high strength for tinting so only a small quantity is needed to add integral color to concrete. As such, your Austin contractor just has to mix the appropriate amount of the Sundek colored oxides with SunClear or Sundek White Premix product to change its tone. This system works on decorative concrete as well as plain overlays without additional decoration.

Combine the Colors You Prefer

There are 10 different colors available in Sundek’s iron oxides, most of which are neutral in color, but you can select a brighter or more colorful option, such as red, green, copper, or yellow. Other options, such as mustard, tan, brown, slate, black, and charcoal, tend to work in most spaces while the vibrant colors are typically used in situations where you want the decorative concrete to truly pop. Simply adding a single colored oxide to your cement or sealer mix gives you the chance to customize your concrete. You can also select several colors to use in different batches of concrete to help visually separate one area of a building or outdoor space from another. This can allow for true creativity and the ability to designate areas for specific purposes without spending money on signs.