What a Decorative Concrete Contractor in Austin Can Provide

Concrete Stamp Pattern on Patio

Decorative concrete dates as far back as the 18th century as new technology and techniques were introduced as well as a spike in creativeness among contractors. Today, decorative concrete by professional and skilled contractors is the fastest growing segment in the concrete industry. Sundek of Austin is among the contractors capable of providing expert work on concrete repair, resurfacing, coatings, and decorative designs.

Introduce You to Lovely Colors

Only a professional in decorative concrete can make the colors of your cement flooring come alive and stay beautiful through the years. Lynn Mason Scofield first manufactured colors for concrete that would bond with cement paste in 1915. At Sundek of Austin, we offer a wide variety of color choices for your decorative concrete, from neutrals like tweed gray to a vibrant cola-colored acid stain.

Help You Find Depth and Texture with Stamping Patterns

Our Austin decorative concrete professionals know all about stamping patterns for concrete. They can even work closely with you to create your own personal stamp pattern. Stamping was also introduced in the concrete industry by a contractor, Brad Bowman, in 1950, when he tried different ways to create stamps using a wooden blade, which eventually turned into cast aluminum platforms. Not long after, Bill Stegmeier created a wood grain texture finish for cement using color and a special powder.

At Sundek of Austin, we offer stamped overlays, our Sundek classic texture, and many other options for decorative concrete. We work with homeowners, commercial property owners, contractors, pool builders, and construction and management companies.

Give You Options

Creating decorative concrete by our Austin contractors is an adventure, because you get all the options possible for your flooring, including our Sundek systems, which will allow you to visualize the results even before the work has started.