Why Every Austin Home Should Feature Stained Concrete

stained concrete austin tx
stained concrete austin tx

Stained Concrete Austin TX

Austin homeowners have plenty to be happy about. The city continues to receive national recognition for being such a favorable place to live, which means property values will only continue to rise in the future. Nonetheless, you can still do plenty to enjoy your address even more and often this has to do with giving your home an improved look.

One of the best ways to do this is with stained concrete. For one thing, floors tend to be a fairly underestimated feature of any room, despite how much space they take up. By affordably changing out the floor in a room, its entire aesthetic changes radically.

Speaking of which, stained concrete does not lack for options as far as looks go. Most versions turn out looking like marble. These floors involve varying shades of a certain color, or you may decide to go with an option that combines many. Either way, the finished result often resembles marble (as we mentioned), sandstone, slate or flagstone with a beautiful, shiny luster.

Even though stained concrete looks like a work of art, you don’t have to fret over it like you would the kind you frame and hang on the wall. Remember that it’s still concrete and, so long as you use a proper sealant, no amount of foot traffic should be a problem. Concrete floors—even stained ones—could last for ages.

Because of the new technology in concrete protection, stained and sealed concrete is good about allowing low levels of moisture to pass right through it without suffering problems like growing mildew.

These floors are also a smart way to be energy efficient. Did you know that concrete floors can easily absorb heat and cold air? Then it stores this air and slowly releases it over time. This ability to moderate indoor temperatures can take a load off your HVAC system and the money you need to spend on it every month.

Lastly, stained concrete floors don’t offer a hospitable environment to things like dust mites, allergens, mold or other pollutants. They can also be easily cleaned without the need for VOCs. That means these floors are an especially good choice where air quality is important.

Gorgeous stained concrete floors can be yours thanks to Sundek of Austin. Our decades of experience make installation easy, plus we ensure an affordable price.